What types of products do you range?

We stock a wide range of products, so if you can’t see something you want, ask us. Chances are we make it. Generally we have everything from Double wall coffee cups, Corrugated wrap cups, single wall coffee cups, cold drink cups, ice cream and gelato tubs, Food containers for popcorn, soup, various lids to suit all these options, straws, coffee cup sleeves, and folding cartons.

Where are your cups manufactured?

We supply Paper Cups from the Oji Fibre Solutions Foodservice Packaging worldwide network which operates throughout Asia and the Americas. We then distribute orders from our Queensland warehouse, employing local staff.

How much will I be expected to pay for a minimum order?

You can discuss with our sales department as prices can vary depending on both the quantities and the frequencies of re-orders. If you are a wholesaler or require large quantities of product please call us at +61 (7) 33875100. Or send us e-mails to orders.foodservice@ojifs.com.

Can I buy small quantities directly from Oji Fibre Solutions Foodservice Packaging?

Yes, you can buy 1 box of product directly from the website and we can deliver direct to your door within 7 days.

Where are you based & where can you deliver to?

We deliver cups all across the world through the Oji Fibre Solutions Foodservice Packaging worldwide network. Orders are distributed from our Queensland warehouse where we employ local staff.

What Lids can you supply?

We have a wide range of lids from Dome and Spout style lids, to flat lids with straw slot’s and with a range of colours as well. You can see our range of lids here on our website.

How are the paper cups packaged?

Cups are packaged in plastic sleeves and then placed in cardboard boxes for shipping.

Do I need to order the same number of lids as paper cups?

No. But lids come in boxes of 1000 and cups come in various quantities.

What happens if i’m not happy with the quality of my paper cups?

Get in touch with us and we’ll get things sorted for you.

Are your cups biodegradable and recyclable?

Yes. Paper cups can also be recycled from the end user.


We have many years experience supplying quality paper cups, having operated our own manufacturing facility in Brisbane for over 33 years.

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