90mm Graphic Packaging Dome Lid - White

90mm Graphic Packaging Dome Lids are the perfect convenient takeaway Lid choice for all Hot Drinks, including Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Chai and more. The 90mm Lids are the perfect combination with our 90mm Single & Double Wall Hot Cups. The snap-on Lid prevents the contents from spilling out of your chosen container.


With Rim Diameter of 90mm, our Graphic Packaging Dome Lids are made from a White Plastic. Each lid contains a sip hole, with “Caution Contents Hot” embossed into the inner rim. The approximate cost works out to be 0.06c per lid.


White Plastic suitable for direct contact with edible liquids. Inside the lid design is an undercut feature that provides a good snap fit to the Hot Coffee Paper Cup rim which prevents spills and provides more security for the consumer.


These Lids are suited for our 90mm Single & Double Wall Hot Paper Cups:

Our Single Wall White Paper Cups - White (2372556, 2371936, 2373942, 2372013), Black (2372531, 2371935, 2371973), Soho (2371941, Eco White PLA (2372571, 2372558)

Our Double Wall Hot Paper Cups - Gloss Black (2372172, 2371885, 2373686, 2371956), Matt Black (2372088, 2372081, 2372084), Orange Silhouette (2371901, 2371964), B&W Silhouette (2371882, 2371953), Brown Check (2372334, 2372321, 2372328), B&W Check (2372333, 2372320, 2372327), Kraft (2371904, 2371966)

Our Custom Design Hot Paper Cups (2375172, 2373743, 2374125) and more.


You can order our 90mm Graphic Packaging Dome Lid - White products in cartons of 1000. View the rest of our Lids in our range.

(Price is per/carton of 1200 units)
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SKU 2372267
Carton Weight (kg) 5.1800
Brand Hot Cup Lids
Lid Type Dome
Design White
Rim Diameter (mm) 90mm
No of Units per Carton 1200
Carton Width (cm) 37.5
Carton Length (cm) 46
Depth (cm) 29