90mm 16oz Single Wall Hot Cup - White 1000

The 16oz Single Wall Hot Cup has a White Paper finish. These Paper Cups are suitable for serving a wide range of hot drinks, including Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Chai and more. There are 6 other sizes in this range, 4oz, 6oz, 80mm - 8oz, 90mm - 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz - 720 or check out the other Single Wall Cups in our shop.


With Rim Diameter of 90mm, our 16oz Single Wall Hot Cups have a White PE lined layer for moisture barrier, with an outer White Paper finish. These Paper Cups also feature a White Rim.


Durable Coated Paper Material for Hot Liquid Items – designed to not leak during use. Our Paper Cups are distributed from our Queensland Warehouse in Australia. Our Single Wall Paper Cups are ideal for those customers who are wanting to keep their costs low.


The 90mm 16oz Single Wall Hot Cups are perfect to pair with our 90mm Dome Lids (White - 2372292 and Black - 2372289), our 90mm International Dome Lids (White - 2372267 and Black - 2372269), our 90mm Oji White Spout Lid (2372697), our 90mm Dome PLA Lid (2372294) and our new White Pulp Paper Lid (2373928). There are also the 4oz (2372461), 6oz (2372635), 80mm - 8oz (2371864), 90mm - 8oz (2372556), and the 12oz (2371936) in the White Single Wall Hot Paper Cup range.


You can order our 90mm 16oz Single Wall Hot Cup - White products in cartons of 1000. If you would like to order this cup in lower quantities, you can purchase our cartons of 720 as well. View the rest of our Single Wall Hot Paper Cups in our range.

(Price is per/carton of 1000 units)
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SKU 2372449
Carton Weight (kg) 16.2000
Brand Hot Cup Classic
Design White
Capacity (oz) 16oz
Capacity (ml) 490ml
Rim Diameter (mm) 90mm
No of Units per Carton 1000
Lids to Suit 2372270,2372267,2372289,2372292
Carton Length (cm) 46
Carton Width (cm) 37
Depth (cm) 65.5